Presenters must upload their PowerPoint (PPT) presentation online.

The deadline for PPT upload is Friday, May 4 at 5:00 pm PDT.
Late submissions will not be accepted and all submissions are final.

PowerPoint Presentations
PowerPoint Instructions now available for uploading. The PPT files will be provided via email to registered residents, fellows and preceptors. In the event of upload or file errors, the resident or fellow will be contacted and instructed to attend a PPT file reconciliation session that will be held in conjunction with registration on the first afternoon of the Conference.

All residents and fellows must bring a back-up copy of their presentation on a USB drive. However, unless there are upload or file errors, no changes to files will be allowed after the file upload process is complete.

All presentations will be preloaded onto Conference laptops. No additional equipment may be connected to the laptops provided for Conference presentations, and no personal laptops may be used for individual presentations.










Download PowerPoint Upload Guidelines

Files and Equipment
Each presentation is limited to fifteen minutes plus five minutes for questions from the audience. All presenters will use “Basic” PowerPoint (ie: NO animation, video clips, audio files, etc.) as their visual aid. Please read and review the PowerPoint Slide Guidelines and Creating and Presenting Effective PowerPoint Presentations.

We have provided a sample evaluation form that has been used in the past. This form is provided at this time to assist you in preparing your presentation. Knowledge of the evaluation process should eliminate some of the questions that often arise regarding style, content, delivery, etc.

All platform presentations at the WSC will be formally evaluated. The evaluation process is designed to provide feedback to the residents and fellows about the style and content of the presentation. This information should be valuable in preparing and giving future presentations.

If you have specific questions, please check the information available online and then get advice from your preceptor. If he/she cannot assist you, please have them contact us at the conference office, by email to or by phone at (916) 720-9056.