When creating your presentation PowerPoint, please note that while your presentation can include as many slides as you wish, the following slides are mandatory (and should not deviate from this order):

Slide 1Title Page

  • Abstract Presentation Number (upper left corner)
  • Platform Presentation Category (upper right corner)
  • IRB Status (lower left corner)
  • Presentation Title
  • Full Name
  • Position (PGY1 Resident, PGY2 Resident, Fellow, etc)
  • Residency Program and Location

Slide 2Disclosure Statement

  • Full Name
  • Conflict of Interest (stating that speaker has none)
  • Sponsorship (that speaker received no funding to support their research)
  • Propriety Information (stating that research is subject to different interpretation)
  • Educational in Nature (that speaker agrees that their presentation abides by the non-commercial guidelines)

Slide 3- Learning Objectives

  • Objective 1 (as accepted by WSC)
  • Objective 2 (as accepted by WSC)
  • Target Audience (this will remain “Pharmacists”)

Slide 4- Institution

  • General Institution Information
  • Demographics (bed size, type of facility in relation to project)

Slide 5 Background (Study Objectives)

Slide 6 Methodology

Slide 7 - Results

Slide 8 Conclusion

Slide 9 - Post-Test Assessment Questions

  • Three (3) questions your audience should now be able to answer based on the information you have presented.

Please Note:

  • All slides must be numbered.
  • Your name (as it appears on your slides) must match the name your registered with and submitted your abstract under (same first and last name). If we cannot match your PPT to a registration, it will not be accepted. 

General Formatting Instructions

  • Save As a Windows PowerPoint 1997-2003 (.ppt) OR PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) documents.
  • File name should be saved as presentation#lastname.ppt (i.e.: 195Jones.ppt). Please note this should be your presentation # NOT your platform category #).
  • Page Set-Up:Open the File menu (in older versions) or click on the Design tab in PowerPoint 2007 and select Page Setup.
    - In the Slides Sized For: selection box, select On-Screen Show.
    - Make sure that the Width box resets itself to 10 inches and the Height box to 7.5 inches.
    - Set the Orientation for Slides as Landscape, and for Notes, Handouts, etc., as Portrait. Click OK.
    - Maintain at least a half inch extra margin space on each edge of the slide. Do not run text too close to the edge of the slide.
  • Slide Template: Use a slide template that is standard for PowerPoint. 
    - Font incompatibilities are the most common problem with presentations. 
    - Non-standard templates often contain fonts not present on the presentation laptop, and your slides will not display properly.
    - Hyperlinks to or otherwise integrated other files (graphic, animation, videos, other programs, etc) are not allowed as this causes compatibility issues. Files that contain these elements will not be accepted.
    - The slide color scheme that is easiest to read is a light background with dark lettering. 
    - Avoid using red color for any text since it is very difficult to read.