In order to have a successful experience at the Western States Conference, we encourage each presenter to read the abstract guidelines listed below. If at any time you have a question about poster preparation, submission, etc, please don’t hesitate to contact conference staff at

Preparing Your Abstract

  • Presentation Topic. Topics can cover all pharmacy practice areas (acute care, ambulatory care, academia), and all topics including, but not limited to: pharmacotherapeutics, administrative practice, pharmacoeconomics, and medication quality and safety. Please note that encore presentations are not accepted- all work must be original. The Western States Board does not prohibit abstracts presented at this conference from being presented at other conferences (ASHP, APhA, etc)
  • Abstract. You abstract submission must include the following:
      • Title (All Caps and no more than 75 characters)
      • Introduction
      • Methodology
      • Results (if applicable - if not, please make the appropriate notation)
      • Conclusion
      • 2 Presentation Objectives (click here to view our Learning Objective Guidelines)
      • 5-7 Presentation Keywords
      • IRB Status: Resident projects generally fall into one of two categories: research or quality improvement (QI).  For the protection of human rights and privacy, all research is regulated by the FDA and must have IRB approval prior to initiation.  QI projects are generally exempt from IRB review.  The approval process at individual resident sites can vary, but should be considered based on ASHP accreditation standards (RLS Objective R4.1.3).  The following should be included at the end of your abstract.

        • IRB Approved

        • IRB Approval Pending

        • Exempt – Quality Improvement Project

        • Exempt – Other (include brief explanation)

      • Platform Presentation Category - Choose the category you think best represents your research from among the following:

A1. Infectious Diseases - Anti-infective Agents
A2. Oncology - Anti-neoplastic and Non-anti-neoplastic Agents
A3. Cardiovascular Care - Cardiovascular Agents
A4. Gastrointestinal Care - Gastro or Nutritional
A5. Neuro-Psych or Pain Management Agents
A6. Diabetes Care - Diabetes Agents and Devices
B1. Ambulatory Care
B2. Community Practice
B3. Critical Care
B4. General Clinical Practice
B5. Long-Term, Geriatric or Hospice Care
B6. Pediatric or Gender Specific Care
B7. Pharmacokinetics
C1. Pharmacoeconomics, Admin or Financial Management
C2. Technology Management (Comp/InfoSys/Drug Dist)
D1. Medication Safety
E1. Managed Care

The title of your abstract is limited to 75 characters (including spaces). The body of your abstract (introduction, methodology, results and conclusion) may be no more than 500 words.

Please keep a copy of all submitted information for your records - you will need this information later. Also, please make sure that the name (first and last) you submit your abstract under is EXACTLY the same as the one you register under. If we cannot link your abstract to a registration, it will not be accepted.

To submit your presentation abstract, click here. The deadline to submit abstracts is Tuesday, March 1st. The Western States Conference cannot accept submissions or changes to abstracts after this date.

What Makes A Good Abstract?

  • Relevance. Your project should be innovative and of current interest to pharmacy practitioners.
  • Creativity. Originality and uniqueness make the topic more enjoyable.  
  • Scientific Merit. A well-designed project that clearly states methods, results and conclusion.
  • Quality Research. Project objective is clearly defined. Methods are thoroughly described in adequate detail. Data/results are reported and analyzed appropriately. Conclusions are consistent with the study/project objectives and results.
  • Impartial, scientific attitude. Abstracts must be non-promotional in nature and without commercial bias. Abstracts that are written in a manner that promotes a company, service or product will not be accepted.
  • Grammar. Use of proper grammar is of the utmost importance when writing your abstract. Please remember to limit the use of special characters when writing your abstract and remember to thoroughly proofread your work (having a co-resident or preceptor review your work is always a recommendation).